It’s a New Year, Same Problems…

It’s 2021 … 2020 is in the rear vision mirror and here’s to 2021 – Kampai / Prost / Cheers !! Yet, we’re still having a lot of problems with OBS. The machine we’re running it on is quite powerful and we think we’ve managed to nail down the major bug with OBS. It doesn’t like the pre-recorded visual / video files. It doesn’t like browser content, so there goes our Discord broadcast and Mixcloud chat 🙁

The good news is, we’ve found that OBS likes static images and with that we’re going to refactor a lot of our title work to use static images and hope to bring constant information such as ID3 tag display. Rather than using Discord to show time zones, I might have to whip something up in OBS.

Now as for the recorded shows, we’re seeing some great numbers on those and also our number of follower keeps increasing (thank you very much) — however, our live numbers have been dropping off. We’re not getting the numbers, therefore we’re not ending up in any of Mixcloud’s “trending” charts either.

It’s made us think, perhaps live it’s what the people want — could we do pre-recorded sets instead?