Celebrations and Frustrations

Well, it’s that time again, the silly season, as Christmas break draws closer and with that we have a lot to celebrate but there is also a lot of frustration as well.

OBS the streaming software we use with Mixcloud has been playing up after working just fine for the last couple of months. The third-party plugin for slide switching stopped working, the “startstreaming” parameter stopped working too and the browser plugin, which we use to show Discord chat, is also not working. So frustrating.

No change after the recent OBS (26.1) update either.

This month, we’ve also had power blackouts and router issues, along with still trying to schedule OBS to start on time without having to do it manually. It’s made me question why am I putting in all this effort, money and time if it’s going to be so flakey? Is anyone even watching or listening?