One Month Later

We’re now running on our third machine in order to run OBS studio, the software Gravity Radio runs on. The first machine was never going to be the real thing. It was just for testing, before I then moved the installation, preferences and scripts to the second machine (mekyard).

Unfortunately, this machine still didn’t have enough RAM and CPU/GPU grunt in order to run OBS efficiently. The stream would last for 5-6 hours at best before running out application memory and locking up. The new machine (dakkajet) has double the RAM and a better GFX card, so it should be okay (fingers crossed). At present, OBS is running at around 200% CPU.

Music-wise, we’ve been tightening up our scripts to make them run better as well as working on my lifetime project of digitising my vinyl collection. It’s been fun to rediscover those tunes, but it’s a time-consuming process. Still, I’ve been able to share a bunch of LPs and 12″ from the mid-90s with you on the station, with more to come in the future.