And we’re LIVE!!

We did it!! We’re LIVE!! The dream of a lifetime to run our own radio/tv station promoting amazing music is now a reality.

Why Gravity Radio?

Gravity was the name of my original NT4.0 server, which run Gravity back in the day (circa 1995). From here I hosted a number of DJ mixes using the state of the art Real Networks technology to stream audio on the Internet.

In 1998, we took things online with Gravity24hr dot com, where we ran the site, along with contributing mixes with the other 40+ DJs involved. However, 3 years into the operation, Gravity24hr dot com was forced to shutdown, due to APRA’s (Australasian Performing Right Association) inflexible licensing costs on streaming music.

Fast forward to 2020 and Mixcloud launch their Pro service with the first live streaming service (legal and licenced platform). And so, Gravity Radio was born out of the ashes…